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There are multiple ways to contribute to NoSQLBench. The project is growing, and it needs many hands to help it be as awesome as it can be. Ways to contribute include: improving the documentation, submitting bug reports, reproducing bugs, providing bugfixes, submitting ideas for new features, helping with design discussion, contributing drivers or other core features, or even improving the CI/CD in github actions.

There is also a need to get the word out and show new users how to use various features, so if this is something you particularly enjoy, please jump in.

Other than that, we're always happy to find ways for contributors to get engaged, so if you are interested but don't know how to get started, join us on our discord server and we can figure something out.

CLA or contributor covenants

NoSQLBench does not presently have a contributor covenant or CLA (Contributor Licensing Agreement), but this may be added if necessary. In general, we try to keep the friction low for new contributors. The main two things you have to agree to contribute to NoSQLBench are:


If this is not agreeable to anybody, we will need to setup a CLA or something similar to ensure that the project can evolve as needed without chasing down copyright holders or replacing abandoned code in the future. We'd like to keep things simpler than this, but we will consider it if significant contributions justify a change.