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In order to keep the code base tidy, here are the coding standards we try to observe:

Unit Tests

Unit Test Coverage

We really like unit tests where it makes sense. It usually makes sense to write unit tests! However, we aren't chasing 100% code coverage. We do measure it, and we do intend to keep it from going down past some reasonable level. We will start to pull up the code coverage requirements for each module over time, but only to a reasonable level.

Unit Test Logging

Don't write to System.stdout or System.stderr in your unit tests. Instead, use a logger, as in

private final static Logger logger = LogManager.getLogger(MyClass.class);

The logging subsystem is used for nearly all console IO with NoSQLBench. This is a drastic simplification for developers and maintainer. In general, users don't want to be notified of anything except when the do, and when they do, they can simply use -v to turn the default console logging level up from WARN to INFO and so on. This applies as well to tests. We can keep console IO low for unit tests and even us async logging in the background to speed up builds and keep the build output tidy for when you need to troubleshoot actual build errors.

Integrated Test Coverage

Since NB is a layered runtime design, we need to be specific when we are talking about integrated tests. Once we have stabilized the new integrated test harness, it will be better documented for contributors. This is a work in progress.