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In general, our goals with NoSQLBench are to make the help systems and examples wrap around the users like a suit of armor, so that they feel capable of doing most things without having to ask for help. Please keep this in mind when looking for personal support from our community, and help us find those places where the docs are lacking. Maybe you can help us by adding some missing docs!

Doc Site

This site is intended to be the first and most useful form of documentation for NoSQLBench. It is hosted on a separate project repo on GitHub so that it can be owned and maintained by the NoSQLBench user and developer community. (Click the GitHub link [here] to go directly there.) If you see something here that should be updated or expanded, please submit an issue, reach out on discord, or best of all, submit a pull request!

Discord Server

Our discord server is where users and developers can discuss anything about NoSQLBench and support each other. Please [join us] there if you are a new user of NoSQLBench!


We welcome all builders to NoSQLBench to help us improve it. Whether you are focused on improving docs or building a new subsystem or scripting extension, there is room for everyone, and all are appreciated. Please read about [CONTRIBUTING] if you are interested.

Built-In Docs

NoSQLBench has some built-in docs which are available on the command line. You can see a list of built-in docs with the command:

nb5 help topics

or, to read any topic, simply use the command:

nb5 help <topic>

This doc site contains much more documentation than you will want to browse on the command line. It is recommended that you look here first with the search function when possible.

Bug Fixes

If you think you have found a bug, please [file a bug report] . NoSQLBench is actively used within DataStax, and verified bugs will get attention as resources permit. We appreciate all feedback, no matter how detailed. However, bug reports which are more detailed, or which include steps to reproduce any issues will get attention first.

Feature Requests

If you would like to see something in NoSQLBench that is not there yet, please [submit a feature request] .

Documentation Requests

If you would like to see a specific NoSQLBench or testing topic added to the guidebook, please [request docs content] .

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