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Names Everywhere

Docs, Blocks, and Statements can all have names:

name: doc1
    - name: block1
          - stmt1: statement1
          - name: st2
            stmt: statement2
name: doc2

Layered Names

This provides a layered naming scheme for operations. It is not usually important to name things except for documentation or metric naming purposes.

If no names are provided, then names are automatically created for blocks and op templates. Op templates assigned at the document level are assigned to "block0". All other statements are named with the format doc#--block#--stmt#.

For example, the full name of statement1 above would be doc1--block1--stmt1.

👉 If you anticipate wanting to get metrics for a specific statement in addition to the other metrics, then you will want to adopt the habit of naming all your op templates something basic and descriptive.